Thursday, April 27, 2017

Surgery and Family Ties

once again, i waited forever to write. its been a little rough since my last writing. Damien had surgery...again...on his back in March. it was supposed to be in February, but he got sick, so we had to postpone it. Anyway, surgery itself went okay, the spinal stimulator came out easy but the hardware from the last fusion gave a bit of fight. He was left with some pain in his right thigh. the doctor said it should subside in another few weeks. Besides that, his iron and vitamin D have been very low, causing him to feel sick and sleep a lot. Got him started on some supplements and he is being monitored closely by his doctor. As for me, I had a procedure to repair my gastric bypass surgery. I am happy to say that it went well, and I have slowly started to loose the weight that I had gained. Feels good. I know there is more to everything than I have said, but i tend to shrug it off. I mean, most days after his surgery, i was back to the beginning. That meant helping him out of bed, showering him, then dressing him. I hate those times, and I know he does, too. He tries so hard to be independent. I just just don't see him ever getting there fully. and it hurts when family doesn't understand. His family. My family, cousins mostly. I sit here and laugh sometimes, thinking about how people get so excited that their loved one is going off to join the military, to defend our great country. Yet, no one really comprehends the cost that that loved one could end up paying. Damien, thankfully, did't pay the ultimate price, but he paid a high one. Most times he doesn't understand simple human interaction. He forgets things, more than the average person. i have to remind him to take his meds, take his insulin, to eat, even the last time he washed his hair. We could have a conversation today, and by tonight he would ask me about it, details because he forgot what we talked about. i'm pretty sure I've talked about all this before, but it weighs heavy on me. the things i go through in a day. and his family doesn't understand and doesn't want to understand. they have never called me to ask questions, to see how he is, to learn about his conditions. Nothing! And my family just thinks he's an ass.  I just don't understand how people could not care about family like that. How they could just turn their backs on them so easily. I don't get it. I will say though, that since my last posting I have been able to get back to normal. For me. Along with having the stomach procedure, I also had a good iron infusion and was able to start taking my meds regularly again. I got back into going to meetings for my 12 Step Program. It's been good to get back. I needed the fellowship. 

I have another rant coming, so i'll cut this post off...

Blessed Be

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